Community Garden

squash growing in the gardenFor people without adequate sun or space on their own property, the DRA garden is an ideal opportunity to grow healthy food in a beautiful location with many of the necessary resources provided. The field is situated on a hill overlooking Great Salt Bay. Many local gardeners and gardeners from as far as the Freeport area return to garden in this unique and beautiful place.

The plots are approximately 340 square feet, have full southern exposure and an almost constant gentle breeze from Great Salt Bay. The garden is organic, pesticide and herbicide-free, though pest controls approved by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Associations ( are permitted. DRA stocks an assortment of tools in the shed for use in the gardens. Water and hoses are available onsite, though rationed, as is mulch hay and leaves. Numerous educational resources on gardening are available.

Plots are available annually for $25 each. In addition, gardeners commit to doing two hours of volunteer work prior to planting to keep the commonly shared areas, like the paths and the tool shed, in good condition.

To reserve your plot, please read and sign the Garden Application Form, and return the form to the DRA along with your $25 payment.