Preserves by Town

Public Access Properties in the Damariscotta River Region

DRA-Owned, Managed or Affiliated

*asterisk indicates ownership by partner, with DRA co-management or assistance


Alphabet Soup Decoder

DRA = Damariscotta River Association (that’s us!)

MDACF = Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

MDIFW = Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

MDOT = Maine Department of Transportation

USFWS = United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge)

PWA = Pemaquid Watershed Association


*Crooked Farm (PWA with DRA co-management)

*NORGAL Preserve (DRA Public Access Easement)

*Old Gravel Pit Trail (DRA Public Access Easement)

Salt Marsh Cove (DRA)


Chapman Oyster Creek (DRA)

Great Salt Bay Farm & Heritage Center (DRA)

Huston Landing 1740 (DRA)

Paradise Pond (DRA)

Round Top Farm (DRA)

*Whaleback Shell Midden State Historic Site (MDACF)


Ripley Preserve (DRA)

Rocky Ridge Preserve (DRA)


Baker Forest (DRA)

Carolyn O’Brien Preserve (DRA)

Davidson Preserve (DRA)

*Dodge Point (MDACF)

Marsh River Bog (DRA)

Mills Overlook (DRA)

Salt Bay Preserve & Heritage Trail (DRA)

*Sherman Marsh Wildlife Management Area (MDIFW)

South Bristol

Garber Overlook Preserve (DRA)

Library Park (DRA)

Plummer Point (DRA)

Rutherford Island Preserve (DRA)

Seal Cove Shore (DRA)

*Tracy Shore (Town of South Bristol)

*Walpole Woods (Town of South Bristol)


River~Link (multiple town, many partners, mixed ownership)

Wild Islands and Ledges

Big Huckleberry (aka Carlisle) Island (DRA)

Crow Island (DRA)

*Fort Island (MDACF)

*Goose Ledges (MDIFW)

*Little Thrumcap Island (USFWS)

Stratton Island (DRA)

Witch Island (DRA)